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The Benefits of Speech Therapy


Speech therapy is a form of treatment that can improve the communication skills of patients who have medical conditions. These conditions include stroke, traumatic brain injury, and other types of brain injury. It’s also beneficial for many adults who have suffered from issues with speech, language, or swallowing. Speech therapists assess the condition and determine the most effective way to treat it.

  • Brain Injury Rehabilitation

    Speech therapy is an important part of brain injury rehabilitation. It can help you relearn how to speak, read, write, and communicate.

  • Dementia Treatment

    People living with dementia often experience difficulties communicating and expressing themselves. This can lead to frustration, isolation, and depression. Speech therapy is an excellent way to help these people express themselves effectively and improve their quality of life.

  • Stroke Rehabilitation

    Stroke rehabilitation is a process that helps people recover after a stroke. Speech therapy can help people recover the ability to speak, swallow, and move. Communication is an important part of recovery after a stroke. Speech therapists are experts in teaching people how to communicate again through reading and writing as well as speaking.

At AceCare Health Services LLC, we believe every person should have access to Skilled Nursing care, which includes speech therapy.

Our Home Health Care Services will help you or your loved one improve their ability to speak and understand speech to engage in everyday conversations and express themselves more easily.

Other services we specialize in include Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Staffing Services in Maryland.

For more information, visit our Health Care in Bowie, Maryland, or you may reach us at 240-706-6500.

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