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Home Health Care Improves Post-surgery Recovery


As the senior population in the country continues to grow, more and more people will undergo surgery. Already, hospital systems face worrying projections in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the continuing nursing shortage. As a partner in health care in Bowie, Maryland, AceCare Health Services LLC would like to shed some light on the plight of patients who have undergone surgery in these circumstances.

A study of major, non-emergency operations in 165,000 senior patients revealed that the risk of complications and even fatalities rose with age. Mortality rates are high among patients who have had surgery for lung, esophageal, and pancreatic cancer. Hospital stays also tend to be longer, and recovery is not always guaranteed when most hospitals do not have the right number of nursing staff. In fact, the transition from the facility back home is when most patients are at their most vulnerable.

These are serious concerns. Fortunately, they are not things that quality skilled nursing cannot address.

Our home health care services connect clients with a team of care professionals who offer interdisciplinary, round-the-clock assistance with health concerns in the comfort of the home. If your loved one has been discharged after surgery, our staff can create a tailored care plan that addresses their pain and symptom management, physical rehabilitation, wound care, and daily living needs.

And research shows they guarantee good patient outcomes. A review published by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence showed that nursing assistance lowers the risk of falls, medication errors, pressure ulcers, infections, and readmissions. This means post-surgery recovery outcomes are better with nursing care.

Talk to us for more information on how we help with recovery care. We also offer nurse staffing services in Maryland!

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